Construction and modernisation plants

Modernisation of reactor, Kazanorgsintez

Modernisation of one of three reactors (reactor B) at the low-pressure polyethylene production and processing plant. Planned timeframe: before 2023. Reactor B is the last production unit at the facility, which has not been renovated yet. The project implies large-scale unit replacement and equipment with waste gas recovery system. Once the renewal is completed, the capacity will increase from 70 to 220 thousand tonnes of polyethylene per annum. Owing to the gas recovery system emissions to the atmosphere will be reduced. Designer (developer of project documentation and environment impact assessment) is Souzkhimproekt. Public hearings on the project of technical design specifications went successfully.

Ethylene complex, Nizhenkamskneftehim

The project implies construction of a new ethylene complex (EP-1200) with overall nameplate capacity of 1.2 million tonnes per annum. Project development will comprise 4 phases – every second phase encompasses 600 thousand tonnes of ethylene per annum and adjacent units releasing high-margin polymers with ethylene used as feedstock. Linde concern, as a licensor, will supply technology, execute design works and procurement. The complex is included in the Long-term Strategy of Russian Chemical and Petrochemical complexes development before 2030, The Strategy of Tatarstan Social and Economic Development, the list of priority projects of Volga federal district and Investment Memorandum of the region. The completion of the first phase (600 thousand tonnes) is planned in July 2023. The whole facility will be constructed by 2027. Nizhnekamskneftehim signed the contract for olefin complex construction EP-600 with Gemont (Turkey).

Gas chemical complex in Budennovsk, Lukoil

In 2020, Lukoil will make the final financial decision on construction of a large gas chemical complex processing gas from Norther Caspian fields to release chemicals, polyethylene and polypropylene. If the decision is made in time the complex will be commissioned in 2024. In 2018, the President of Lukoil announced that the company was ready to invest about 120 billion roubles in the project for gas chemical complex construction in Budennovsk.

Gas chemical complex integrated in the complex for the processing of ethane containing gas, RusGasDobycha

The complex is an integrated project for processing of ethane containing gas from the Gazprom fields. The complex includes a gas processing plant, gas chemical complex and infrastructure facilities. Planned location is nearby Ust-Luga in the Leningrad region. For the project implementation RusGasDobycha

established a branch company Baltic Chemical Complex (BCC). Raw material for the gas chemical plant is ethane from the gas processing plant. Gas chemical complex will be equipped with ethane pyrolysis units for ethylene production and ethylene polymerisation units for polymer goods. Commissioning of the complex: 1st phase – III quarter of 2023; 2nd phase – III quarter of 2024. The complex will produce more than 3 million tonnes of polymers per annum. BCC signed license agreements with American Lummus Technology (subsidiary of McDermott), implying purchasing of rights for ethylene production technology.

New ethylene-propylene unit, Polymir

New ethylene-propylene unit construction is the prior project of the enterprise Development Programme. It is included in the Development Strategy of Petrochemical Complex before 2030 developed by Belneftehim. The project implies commissioning of the high-end pyrolysis and gas separation unit (ethylene-propylene) and further termination of existing but out of date units EP-60-1 and EP-60-2 (workshops 101 and 104). New ethylene-propylene unit construction implies full replacement of the EP-60—1/2 equipment and includes the following major technical solutions: construction of new pyrolysis furnaces, fractioning unit, gas separation and corresponding infrastructure. Estimated unit capacity is 300 thousand tonnes of ethylene and propylene per annum, the processing will be conducted at the existing productions with further output of such products as high-pressure polyethylene, acrylonitrile and acrylic fibre. Estimated project investment – 511 million dollars.

Methanol-to-olefins production in Uzbekistan

On 16 May 2019, the Ministry of Energy of Uzbekistan and a group of investors signed a contract on project development. The project implies construction of a petrochemical plant applying MTO technology (production of polymers from Natural gas). The group of investors included Uzbekneftegaz, Uzkimyosanoat, Air Products & Chemicals Inc and Enter Engineering. Plant’s expected capacity is up to 1.5 billion cubic meters of gas per annum (200-250 thousand tonnes of polypropylene, 100 thousand tonnes of ethane-propylene rubber, 100 thousand tonnes of polyethylene-terephthalate and ethylene vinylacetate, 100-150 thousand tonnes of ethylene glycol and polyethylene). The project was valued at about 3.5 billion dollars. Honeywell UOP, Amec Foster Wheeler, Haldor Topsoe and IHS Markit are among the potential technical and consulting project partners.

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