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About the company

Kazanorgsintez is the largest producer of polymers and copolymers of ethylene in Russia. It is the leading Russian chemical facility. Today the company produces ethylene, polyethylene, polycarbonate, polyethylene pipes, bisphenol, phenol, acetone, ethylene glycols, ethanolamines and other products of organic synthesis. The assortment includes over 170 products. The total annual yield is 1.7 million tonnes. Kazanorgsintez produces 40% of the total polyethylene output and 100% of polycarbonates produced in Russia.

What has been done

For the last 10 years, the company has developed a number of key projects for modernisation:
- modernisation of LDPE, phenol and acetone productions;
- modernisation with reconstruction of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th phases;
- capacity increase of ethylene production from 430 to 605 thousand tonnes/annum;
- modernisation of heat flows;
- integration of industrial storm wastewater’s microfiltration;
- commissioning of a new two-chamber pyrolysis furnace;
- commissioning of a new four-chamber pyrolysis furnace;
- modernisation of reactor “C” equipped with waste gas recuperation system;
- reconstruction of sludge and slit areas;
- replacement of autoclave reactor at HDPE plant;
- a number of activities to increase power supply stability.

Ongoing and promising projects

Modernisation of reactor “B” at LDPE production and processing plant

Modernisation of reactor “B” (one of three reactors) at LDPE production and processing plant is planned for completion before 2023. Reactor “B” the last of three units which has not been renovated yet. The project implies a major equipment replacement and installation of a waste gas recuperation system. Once the renovation is completed, reactor’s capacity will be increased from 70 to 220 thousand tonnes of polyethylene per annum. Owing to recuperation system, gas emissions to atmosphere will be reduced.

Growth of ethylene production to 654 thousand tonnes per annum due to a propane scheme

The project is aimed at solving an old problem of ethane feedstock scarcity. Modernisation will enable to increase ethane processing volumes and ensure technological flexibility of production to feedstock. The project is planned for completion in October 2020.

Medernisation of polycarbonate plant with capacity increase to 100 thousand tonnes per annum

The project includes increase of polycarbonate production to 100 thousand tonnes in 2020. This will raise the revenue by 4 billion roubles and reduce production cost due to modernisation of isopropylbenzol at Bisphenol A plant. Project investment is valued at 1 billion roubles. Completion is expected in 2020.

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For sponsorship and delegate enquiries, please contact

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